What a treatment involves
Pregnancy massage can be offered from 12 weeks onwards.

During your first consultation we will spend some time discussing any concerns you have for yourself or your baby, and decide on the focus for the session.

The massage itself usually lasts around 50 minutes. During a pregnancy massage we use techniques which are adapted from regular massage therapy, but which are specifically tailored around the physical changes that pregnancy brings.

As the baby grows most massages are done with the woman lying on her side.

I will take great care to ensure comfort and discretion at all times, with the use of sheets and pillows.

The atmosphere is very relaxing within this calm environment, with soft lighting and gentle music to help the relaxation process. It is possible to have a single treatment to target a specific hotspot problem, or more beneficially, a series of treatments where we can enhance the powerful underlying learning of the body to relax, connect with itself, connect with your baby, and improve your energy and vitality.


There is a wealth of research which shows that regular massage during pregnancy brings an incredible number of powerful and positive benefits:


  • Relaxation and deep stress relief.

  • Pain relief esp hips lower back pelvis neck and shoulder areas.

  • Improved energy and vitality through improved posture, deeper breath work and pain relief.

  • Improved sleep

  • Relief from nausea.

  • Eases depression and anxiety, including lower rates of postnatal depression

  • Shorter labours, with fewer complications.

  • Increased wellbeing for the new born baby: babies born to mums who received regular massage during their pregnancy had lower admissions rates to neonatal intensive

  • care units.

  • Improved bonding with your baby after delivery

The benefits of pregnancy massage are so far reaching and so powerful, that in some countries pregnancy massage is now a routine part of their antenatal care programme. Watch this space!


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Rob is a specialist advanced pregnancy therapist who over the years has helped women cope with their pregnancy more easily.

“During my first pregnancy, I was suffering considerable pelvic pain where I was struggling to walk. Rob Lambert was recommended to me by a friend and I can honestly say this was the best thing she did and I would have no hesitate whatsoever in recommending him to anyone.”